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New Car Protection, Ceramic Coating

So March is upon us and you're collecting your new, shiny 2020 registered vehicle.

So what are you going to do to protect it?

Many people get enticed into purchasing a 'protection package' up-sold at the time of purchasing a vehicle from the dealer. Unfortunately, these packages are usually over promoted, dramatically under perform and are expensive in comparison to professionally applied protection coatings.

I have seen many new vehicles with dealer protection applied that literally washes away. Predominantly these are just spray on, wash off application sealants that can take less than an hour to be applied, yet charge you the end user, hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

We can offer long-lasting New Car Protection, that is professionally applied and further more, GUARANTEED!

Ceramic Coating technology has come so far that not only can we protect your paintwork, but also wheels, glass, exterior and interior trim that offer increased scratch, chemical & temperature resistance, keeping your car looking it's best, for longer.

With our packages starting as low as £349, we can tailor to your requirements and budget, and even offer varying levels of durability for up to 7 years protection.

New Car Protection includes the below in a controlled environment for correct curing:

Exterior -

Ph Neutral snow foam and Citrus pre-wash.

2 Bucket safe wash using premium microfiber.

Exterior crevices, grill, badges, trims cleaned with premium detailing brushes.

Window trim and door shuts cleaned including bonnet and tailgate with premium detailing brushes.

Wheel wash detail including Iron fall out decontamination.

Full chemical and clay bar decontamination to whole exterior.

Warm filtered air blow dry and premium microfiber with drying aids.

Exterior trim and Rubber UV resistant dressing.

Tyre dressing - Satin or high Gloss.

Single stage machine polish to remove dealer wash swirls and defects.

Exterior paint Ceramic Coating with a choice of 3, 5 or 7 year durability.

Glass polished and finished with Ceramic Coating for better and clearer visibility.

Interior -

Trim detail including vents and crevices.

Trim dressed with UV barrier.

Interior vacuum including luggage area.

Fabric protection applied giving 6 - 12 months of antibacterial, breathable dirt & liquid protection.

Leather seats conditioned.

If you are interested in having your new (or existing) car Ceramic Coated, please feel free to get in touch on 01908 477075 / 07850 912123.

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