New Car Protection

New Car Paint Protection


Far superior than any car dealership offered protection package.

If you are looking to genuinely protect your new investment for years to come, then look no further.

My Zirconite Car Protection Packages are guaranteed to last the duration and and keep your vehicle in it's best possible condition, retaining resale value.

Exterior Ceramic & Acrylic protective paint coatings and Interior micro-resin protection for fabrics & leather, installed to the highest of standards with absolute care and attention to detail. 

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Why choose us?

Rarely does a new car leave the dealership in perfect condition or have adequate protection. 

Many of the new cars I see have already been subject to poor and aggressive washing techniques, poor factory rectification repairs, and rushed removal of transportation protective materials inflicting damage.

Additionally vehicles can be stored in compounds for long periods of time and then transported by rail, road, sea, and air building up contaminants unlikely to be removed from a quick dealership wash with a dirty sponge and chamois.

Then there's the 'dealership protection package' always up-sold at point of sale.


If you have already received one of these then you will be familiar how disappointing they are, should you receive any product at all and haven't just paid into a dealership 'paint warranty pot' for a sticker in the windscreen and a bag of valeting goodies.


At most, these types of protection packages consist of a spray on / rise off sealant and the vehicle is generally rushed through in under 1 hour.


Remember, dealerships work on profit from volume of sales, not commitment to quality care. 

My New Car Protection services typically take 1 - 2 days to complete with meticulous care and attention, using only certified, high quality, and guaranteed products from ZirconiteUK.


The New Car Preparation Process


All my New Car Protection packages undergo a meticulous preparation process.

New Car Protection Packages are offered as a unit based only service to vehicles having covered no more than 500 miles and less than 1 month old.

•    Delivery packaging removed - if applicable. 

•    Ph Neutral snow foam and Citrus pre-wash. 
•    Extensive but delicate 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash using premium microfiber. 
•    Door shuts deep cleaned and degreased throughout. 
•    Exterior crevices, grill, badges, trims cleaned with premium, soft detailing brushes. 
•    Window trim and door seals cleaned including bonnet and tailgate with premium detailing brushes.
•    Wheel wash including Iron fall out decontamination to inner barrel and front faces. 

•    Tyres de-greased.
•    Wheel Arch wash, flush and dress. 
•    Chemical decontamination to exterior including Tar and Iron fall out removal. 

•    Exterior re-washed.
•    Warm filtered air blow dry and plush microfiber towel dry. 

•   Glass machine polished and Ceramic Coated.

•    IPA wipe-down to remove any residues and delicates masked and covered.

•    Paint inspection, report, and feedback - Quote provided for any paint rectification if required and not already completed prior to booking.

•    Paint Coating/s of choice installed.
•    Tyre dressed. 
•    Exhaust tips polished and sealed.

•    Thorough interior hoover, trim dress, and glass degreased and polished.

2 Year - Zirconite Nano Glaze


Chemically fused PTFE Acrylic coating with a minimum durability of 2 years guaranteed as a standalone application.

High gloss finish with great longevity and hydrophobic properties.

Protects and increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence.


Used extensively within Aviation and Marine applications, you can be assured it stands up to the test of time.

From £300

4 Year - Zirconite ZQ9h Ceramic 


Our Flagship and most popular Ceramic Coating offering deep gloss and shine protection for a minimum of 4 years, guaranteed as a single application.

Independently tested and verified as a true 9h hard coating offers a layer of protection 2 to 3 times harder than most modern automotive paint minimising the risk of inducing wash swirls.

Super hydrophobic Nano “lotus-leaf effect” ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling dirt and soiling even in the harshest climates.

From £375

6 Year - Zirconite Nano Glaze / ZC Boosta

Zirconite Nano Glaze topped with ZC Boosta offers longer lasting ceramic protection and a super glossy surface which is easy to maintain.

6-year dual layer ceramic coating with manufacturer guarantee.

From £450

10 Year - Zirconite ZQ9h / ZC Boosta 


Adding a top-coat of ZC Boosta to our flagship and most popular Ceramic Coating, ZQ9h will offer deep gloss and shine protection up to 10 years, guaranteed.

ZirconiteUK ZQ9H topped with ZC Boosta is the ultimate ceramic coating combo for an insanely wet and deep glossy finish to your paintwork.

10-year dual layer ceramic coating with manufacturer guarantee.

From £525

Additional Protection

WHEELUV Alloy Wheel Protectors


Highly engineered, injection moulded wheel protectors. WHEELUV™ is a patented, cost effective and impact resistant wheel protection system that can handle a rough ride.


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