Full Valet

Full Valet Milton Keynes

A Full Valet, the correct way, the Miltons Detailing way.

My Full Valet is what I consider a 'true' Full Valet with meticulous cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces.

4 -5 hours of meticulous care using only the highest quality products.

No crevice is left un-turned or untreated, leaving your car with a fresh clean look and feel.

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BMW 1 Series

Audi A3



Tesla Model 3

Mercedes C - S Class



Range Rover / Audi Q7

Mercedes EQC


Full Valet Overview


•    Wheel deep clean including Iron fall out and tar decontamination to inner barrel and front faces.

•    Tyre walls degreased and deep cleaned.

•    Wheel Arch wash and flush. 

•    Citrus snow foam pre-wash to remove surface contaminants, oils and grime. 

•    Exterior crevices, grill, badges, trims cleaned with premium grade, soft, non-scratch detailing brushes. 
•    2 Bucket, 2 Mitt safe wash using the highest of quality microfiber and Ph neutral shampoo. 
•    Window trims and door shuts cleaned including bonnet and tailgate with premium detailing brushes.

•    Tar Removal.

•    Power rinsed with de-mineralised water for a spot free finish. 
•    Warm filtered air blow and plush microfibre towel dry. 

•    Aquaseal Pro spray sealant applied to paintwork. (Spray Shield for Matte / Satin finishes)

 •    Rain repellent sealant applied to exterior glass.
•    Tyre's finished in high gloss or satin dressing of choice. 
•    Exhaust tips polished.


•    Interior deep clean and sanitize including dashboard, door trim, centre console, vents, seat runners and crevices.
•    Thorough interior vacuum including luggage area and spare wheel well.
•    Mats steam cleaned, wet vacuumed and dried.
•    Floor carpet steam cleaned, wet vacuumed, and dried.
•    Fabric seats steam clean, wet vacuumed, and dried.

•   Headlining, pillars, grab handles, and sun-visors steam cleaned.

•    Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned.
•     Spritz of scent applied.

Booking Terms & Conditions apply, please familiarise yourself with them prior to booking.

Pricing shown is based on AVERAGE CONDITION vehicles.

For neglected, heavy soiling, or vehicles used to transport pets, please book for a quotation.

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