Deep Clean Valet Milton Keynes

A Full Valet my way, the correct way.

My Deep Clean Valet is what I consider a true Full Valet with 4 to 6 hours of meticulous deep cleaning and added high gloss protection.

No exterior or interior crevice is left un-turned or untreated.

A fully mobile service offered through-out Milton Keynes and surrounding areas that will leave your car in it's best possible condition with bang for your buck.

Don't be fooled by lesser full valet offerings.

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Car Odour Removal and Neutralization

Car interior Odours such as tobacco smoke, mould, VOC’s, and pet smells are not only unpleasant, but can be damaging to health. 
Odours cling to interior fabrics, fibres and substrates making it difficult to completely remove with traditional cleaning methods such as manual cleaning and chemicals.
Our dedicated Odour removal machine will completely neutralize and sanitize any organic Odours held within your vehicle interior, not just masking them like other methods.

Booking Terms & Conditions apply, please familiarise yourself with them prior to booking.

*Original source of Odour such as spills and soiling should be removed prior for best results.

  Please contact us with details.


Small Car

Fiat 500

BMW Mini


Medium Car

BMW 1 Series

Audi A3


Large Car

BMW 3 - 7 Series

Mercedes C - S Class



Range Rover / Audi Q7

VW Transporter



To book your Deep Clean Valet call 01908 477075 or