Maintenance Valet Schedule

Car Valeting 

So you have gone to the effort of bringing your car or vehicle up to the highest of standards with a Detail, Ceramic Coating or Protection Package, well it shouldn't just stop there.

My Maintenance Valet service delivered and tailored to you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly will ensure your investment stay's as that 'just detailed' look and feel, while protecting it's re-sale value and maximising coating durability.

More than just a quick 'in & out' valet.


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Car Maintenance Valet 

Maintenance Valet Overview

My Maintenance Valet Schedule is offered to my clients as a mobile service that have already received a New Car Protection Detail, Ceramic Coating, detail package, or Day Detailed Protection Valet.

A Completely mobile and self-sufficient service with on-board power and spotless filtered water will ensure your car keeps that just detailed look and feeling. 

Maintenance Valet overview includes:


•    Wheel wash including Iron fall out decontamination to inner barrel and front faces.

•    Tyre walls degreased and deep cleaned.

•    Ph Neutral snow foam pre-wash and tar removal.

•    Wheel Arches cleaned with APC, agitated, flushed and dried.
•    Door shuts cleaned with premium grade, soft, non-scratch detailing brushes.
•    2 Bucket, 2 Mitt safe wash using premium microfiber mitt. and bucket grit guards.

•    Power rinsed with filtered, demineralised water for a spot free finish.  
•    Warm filtered air blow dry to door shuts and exterior. 
•    Detailing product top up applied applicable to existing protection installed. 
•    Plastic trim and rubber dressing applied where applicable. 
•    Tyre's finished in high gloss or satin dressing of choice. 

•    All interior trim cleaned and dressed including, dash, door trims and pockets. 
•    Thorough interior vacuum including luggage area, mats, under seats. 
•    Glass cleaned. 
•    Spritz of scent applied.

Pre-Booking is required to ensure timeslot availability.