Car Interior Deep Clean Valet

Car Interior Deep Clean Valet

There is no better feeling than a fresh look and feel car interior. Often overlooked and easily dismissed, but it is where you spend your time when driving.

My interior Deep Clean Valet will revive most neglected interiors, leaving them sanitized,  looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.

From deep cleaning carpets to deep cleaning and conditioning leather, sanitizing touchpoints, and leaving an OEM look without a splash of ghastly silicone in sight mostly used by low level valeter's. 

All products used are gentle and safe with cleaning power that packs a punch, even on todays delicate TFT screens and piano black trim finishing's. 

In addition I also offer Fabric & Leather Protection options from Zirconite that will minimize staining and make for easier and safer clean up from spills and stains.

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2.5 Hour Booking

Suited For Average Condition Interiors


1/2 Day Booking

Suited for Heavily Soiled / Pet Hair / Stained Interiors


Car Interior Valet

Interior Valet Overview

A refreshing look and feel with attention to detail offered as a mobile 'come to you' or drop off service.


•    Deep cleaning to dashboard, door trims, centre console, vents, and accessible crevices.

•    All touchpoints deep cleaned and sanitized including steering wheel, handbrake,  gear selector, and switches.

•    Thorough interior vacuum including luggage area and spare wheel well.

•    Mats steam cleaned, wet vacuumed and dried.

•    Carpet steam cleaned, wet vacuumed, and dried.

•    Fabric seats steam clean, wet vacuumed, and dried.

•    Leather seats deep cleaned.

•    Leather seats conditioned.

•    Headlining deep cleaned (1/2 day booking)

•    Glass cleaned.

•    Plastic trims dressed.

•    Spritz of Scent applied.


Leather Shield or Fabric Protect upgrade application to seats as part of 1/2 day booking.

Booking Terms & Conditions apply, please familiarise yourself with them prior to booking.

This service is not applicable to Mould removal, cleaning of vomit or other fluids.

Please call for a quotation for this service.

To book your Car Interior Valet call 01908 477075 or