Car Exterior Protect Valet

Car Exterior Protect Valet

Looking for a little added gloss, shine and protection?

My Car Exterior Protect Valet does exactly that.

Deep cleaning and decontamination of bonded contaminants will be safely and effectively removed, then followed up with a hand polish restoring shine.

Finished off with a durable wax for added protection from UV rays preventing fading and resistant to road salts and chemicals, making for perfect protection whether it be summer or winter.

In addition wheels will treated with a wet coat sealant after deep cleaning and glass rain repellent applied for better visibility during wet weather.

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Small Car

Fiat 500

BMW Mini



BMW 1 Series

Audi A3



BMW 3 - 7 Series

Mercedes C - S Class


4x4 / SUV

Range Rover / Audi Q7

VW Transporter


Car Exterior Valet

Exterior Protect Valet Overview

All year round protection whether it be for winter Protection from road salts and grime, or summer protection from harmful UV rays.

•    Deep wheel wash including Iron fall out decontamination to inner barrel and front faces.

•    Tyres de-greased., stripping any existing dressings.

•    Wheel Arch wash, tar removal and flush. 

•    Iron decontamination pre-wash to exterior.

•    Citrus snow foam pre-wash to remove further surface contaminants, oils and grime. 

•    Exterior crevices, grill, badges, trims cleaned with premium grade, soft, non-scratch detailing brushes. 
•    2 Bucket, 2 Mitt safe wash using the highest quality microfiber and Ph neutral shampoo. 

•    Chemical decontamination to exterior including Tar removal. 
•    Window trims and door shuts deep cleaned including bonnet and tailgate with non-scratch detailing brushes.
•    Warm filtered air blow dry and premium microfiber with drying aids. 

•    Paintwork Hand polished.
•    High grade hand applied sealant enhancing gloss and shine, durable for up to 6 months.

•    Glass deep cleaned, hand polished and rain repellent applied for clearer visibility. 
•    Exterior trim and rubber protective dressing. 
•    Tyre's finished in high gloss or satin dressing. 
•    Exhaust tips polished.

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