Car Detailing

Car Detailing


Car Detailing is the art of finessing a car or vehicle to its best possible visual and feel condition, often far better than factory finish.

Whether you are looking to revive neglected paintwork or interior surfaces restoring value, or preparation to achieve the best finish prior to protective coatings, my Detailing packages will cover all bases.


I am well located for my clients in and around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire offering mobile and unit based detailing.

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What is Car Detailing? 

Car Detailing is the true and correct art of finessing a car to its best possible visual and feel condition.

Incorporating paint correction or machine polishing as its known, if done correctly will restore and even transform paintwork to a clean, deep, rich and sharp finish by permanently removing surface defects such as wash marring, swirl marks, oxidisation, bird dropping and bug etching, poor paint finishing or even holograms and buffer trails from poor polishing.

All of my exterior detailing and paint correction packages are finished to the highest degree after mastering techniques over years of experience to deal with all finishes such as classic cars, modern classics, repainted surfaces and modern day vehicles.

In addition to detailing I also offer long term protective coatings from ZirconiteUK so not only can further enhance visual appearance, but protect your new found deep, gloss and shine finish for years.

Detailing doesn't just stop at exterior surfaces and often overlooked is a vehicle's interior which I cater for too.


Car interior detailing is more than just a valet and the difference between the 2 are substantial in terms of

appearance and feel.


Targeting the finer details and harder to reach areas normally untouched will revive neglected interiors, removing stains and provide anti-bacterial cleaning for that new, fresh feeling.

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Paint Enhancement Detail

Minor surface swirls and light wash marring will deprive a vehicle’s appearance and present a dull, hazy lifeless finish.


My Enhancement Detail is for vehicle's that do not require paint correction, but machine polishing to bring gloss, shine and a jewelled finish back to paintwork.

This service is offered as a mobile service and unit based.


Time required 8 - 10 hours.

•    Ph Neutral snow foam and Citrus pre-wash. 
•    Extensive 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash using premium microfiber. 
•    Door shuts deep cleaned and degreased throughout. 
•    Exterior crevices, grill, badges, trims cleaned with premium detailing brushes. 
•    Window trim and door seals cleaned including bonnet and tailgate with premium detailing brushes.
•    Wheel wash including Iron fall out decontamination to inner barrel and front faces. 

•    Tyres de-greased.
•    Wheel Arch wash and flush. 
•    Chemical decontamination to exterior including Tar and Iron fall out removal. 
•    Remaining contaminants removed with a clay bar in preparation for machine polishing.

•    Exterior re-washed.
•    Warm filtered air blow dry and plush microfiber towel dry. 

•    IPA wipe-down to remove any residues and delicates masked and covered.
•    Machine polishing discipline applicable to paint defects giving ultra-slick reflections and gloss.

•    Door shuts machine polished.
•    Exterior paint finished with hand applied, 12 month durability wax for long lasting protection and deep shine. 
•    Exterior trim restoration and rubber dressing. 
•    Glass polished and sealed.
•    Tyre dressing. 
•    Exhaust tips polished and sealed.

From £350


Minor Paint Correction Detail

Suited to vehicles with light to average paint defects.


Preparation as per the Enhancement Detail but with the addition of 2 stage machine polish consisting of a medium to firm pass to remove heavier defects, such as deeper wash marring, oxidisation and scratches that have been induced by poor wash methods, aggressive chemicals, and light abrasion damage.

Once the desired level of correction is achieved, a final machine finishing polish will refine and bring an ultra-deep, sharp gloss and shine finish. 

Time required 14 - 16 hours.

From: £550


Major Correction Detail

Better than showroom finish!

The aim is to achieve 100% correction within safe limits of available clear coat by way of sanding techniques to level paint and multiple machine polishing disciplines for an ultra sharp, flawless finish.

A Major Correction Detail and will not only transform even the worst of neglected vehicles, but remove paint imperfections often induced during the painting process, such as orange peel, fish-eyes, sink-age and drop-back.

Time required 40+ hours.

Detailed Inspection & Quotation Required 


Car Interior Detail

  • Seats and necessary trim parts removed for accessibility.

  • Thorough interior vacuum and compressed air blow out including luggage area.

  • Interior trim steam clean detail including dashboard, door pockets, centre console, vents and seat runners.

  • Seat belts deep cleaned and protected with anti-bacterial solution.

  • Headlining and visors steam extraction cleaned.

  • Mats steam cleaned, wet vacuumed, and dried.

  • Carpets steam cleaned, wet vacuumed, and dried.

  • Fabric seats steam cleaned, wet vacuumed, and dried.

  • Seat frames and belt buckles deep cleaned.

  • Leather Seats gently deep cleaned and conditioned.

  • Seats and trim parts refitted in accordance with manufacture specifications.

  • Odour removal treatment.

  • Spritz of scent applied.


From: £250



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