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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating, Milton Keynes

Ceramic Coating surface protection Guaranteed from 4 years offers high, durable resistance from wear and tare, and harmful environmental conditions.

Forming a semi-permanent bond with the paint or surface it is applied to will provide an added layer of increased chemical and scratch resistance,

keeping your car looking its best for longer. 

Ceramic Coating Accredited Detailer
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Zirconite ZQ9h Ceramic Coating

As an Accredited only application you can be assured you are receiving a true, UK manufactured, and professionally applied Ceramic Coating.


Furthermore your Ceramic Coating is guaranteed by not only myself, but also by ZirconiteUK through our customer registration scheme.

Once installed to a freshly corrected and prepared surface, this Ceramic Coating Paint Protection offers gloss, shine, and glass like finish unmatched by other Ceramic Coatings that are offered in the industry.

Key benefits of Zirconite ZQ9h are:


  • Ultra high Gloss and Shine finish that will last the duration, unaffected by repeated washing cycles.

  • Durable for up to 4 years guaranteed, and extended to 10 years with our annual Ceramic maintenance Detail.

  • Increased scratch resistance minimising wash marring and swirling.

  • Super Hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt keeping you car cleaner for longer.

  • High resistance to road salts and harsh chemicals (Ph2 - Ph13.5) that tarnish and corrode.

  • UV resistant, minimising paint fading and increasing gloss retention. 

  • Protection against acid content of bird droppings and bug splatter that would normally etch paint.

Ceramic Coating application is by inspection & quotation only as my aim is to get your vehicle to a better than new finish ensuring perfect preparation prior to coating.


Not even a new car meets my high standards in terms of high quality finish.

Booking Terms & Conditions apply, please familiarise yourself with them prior to booking.

Ceramic Coating pricing is in addition to a detail package.



Zirconite ZQ5 Wheel Ceramic Coating

Wheels are often overlooked, yet they are subject to the harshest of environments due to heat and iron particles generated from brake application in addition to general road grime. 


ZQ5 keeps rims cleaner for longer!

Extreme protection for hard working wheels.

Chemically bonds to wheel surfaces to ensure ultimate durability

Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for hard-working wheels.

Provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance, making surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.

Booking Terms & Conditions apply, please familiarise yourself with them prior to booking.

Wheel Ceramic Coating pricing including preparation:


Car Ceramic Coating Milton Keynes


A few of the cars previously Ceramic Coated.

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