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Ceramic Coating, Milton Keynes

Ceramic Coatings are the ultimate in paint protection, durable for up to 7 years. Forming a semi-permanent bond with the paint or surface it is applied to will provide an added layer of increased chemical and scratch resistance, keeping your car looking better for longer. 

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings offer excellent paint protection properties as well as enhancing gloss, shine and depth like no other paint protection product on the market.

Once cured, Ceramic Coatings form a hard, glass like layer that offers increased resistance to wash scratching and marring, harsh chemicals, UV rays and harmful environmental elements. 

Depending on your personal requirements, we offer coatings that last from 3 to 7 years guaranteed.

Benefits of Ceramic

There are many benefits to having a professionally applied Ceramic Coating.


- Increased High Gloss and Shine

- Increased depth of colour

- Higher scratch resistance that paint

- High temperature resistance

- Prolonged dirt & contaminent build up

- Hydrophobic beading & sheeting

- Increased resistance to UV fading

- Durable from 3 - 7 years

- Easier & quicker wash maintenance

- Increased chemical resistance




Ceramic Coatings come in varying harness ratings giving increased scratch resistance. This h value denotes it's hardness rating once cured relative to the Mohs scale, 1 - 10. Below are some recogniseable examples to compare to.

3h - Gold

5h - Glass

7h - Sand

10h - Diamond

I use Caramic Coating products that vary from 3h - 9h depending on the desired results and durability.




Ceramic Coatings are best applied to new cars or paint, or paint that has undergone a paint correction or polish to a high standard.

Unlike waxes and sealants, Ceramic Coatings do not wash or rub off with chemicals so any defects that exist in the paintwork would be locked in and remain visible.

I will always advise on the level of preparation required prior to Ceramic Coating application.


What our clients say

Angus Macleod - Google

Very pleased with the valet done by Mark at my workplace on Friday last week, he did a thorough job inside and out, taking 3 hours for a reasonable price, will definitely be a return customer, thanks Mark.

Cheryl Brown - Google

Great job The seats were so bad but now look like new. Easy to book great value and Mark is really friendly and professional Thank you

Sophie Warner - Facebook

Amazing service, removed stain on back seat, car interior looks brand new! Will definitely use again in the future and will 100% recommend. Thanks again!!

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