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Valeting and Car Detailing to the highest standards with a personal touch using only the best, professional products available for long lasting and satisfying results.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Accredited Detailer

Car Ceramic Coating, Milton Keynes

Ceramic Coating paint protection offers high gloss and durable resistance from wear and tare, harmful environmental conditions, and keeps your car looking cleaner for longer.

Forming a semi-permanent bond with the paint or surface it is applied to will provide an added layer of increased chemical and wash resistance,

keeping your car looking its absolute best. 

New Car Protection

Far superior than any car dealership offered protection package.

If you are looking to genuinely protect your new investment for years to come, then look no further.

My Zirconite Car Protection Packages are guaranteed to last the duration and and keep your vehicle in it's best possible condition, retaining resale value.

Exterior Ceramic & Acrylic protective paint coatings and Interior micro-resin protection for fabrics & leather, installed to the highest of standards with absolute care and attention to detail. 

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Car Detailing 

Car Detailing is the art of finessing a car or vehicle to its best possible visual and feel condition, often far better than factory finish.

Whether you are looking to revive neglected paintwork or interior surfaces restoring value, or preparation to achieve the best finish prior to protective coatings, my Detailing packages will cover all bases.


I am well located for my clients in and around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire offering mobile and unit based detailing.

Car Valeting 

Setting the correct standard In Car Valeting, Preparation, and Protection.

If your desire is to bring your vehicle up to the best possible level and maintain it there, then look no further with my mobile car valeting & preparation based in Milton Keynes, covering the surrounding areas.

I offer only the highest of standards in Car Valeting with packages for all vehicle types from daily runners to show and supercars.


Using only the finest products and techniques mastered over years of time served experience, you can be assured your investment will maintain it's best appearance, fresh feeling and value.

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WHEELUV™ Alloy wheel protection covers are proven to protect your rims from kerb scuffs, scratches, and dents.

Manufactured from the highest quality advance polymers, the same as used on train buffers you can be assured they will withstand the impact.

WHEELUV™ is available in 5 stylish colours whether you want to make a statement and stand out, or be discrete the choice is yours to be fully customizable.

As a WHEELUV™ Certified Partner you can opt for a fit at home or office mobile service, or drop appointment backed with a one year guarantee.

What Our Clients Say

Nicholas Carlier


Mark did a fantastic job restoring the paintwork on my Porsche 997. His professionalism and the quality of his work was nothing short of excellent.

A total pleasure.

Cheryl Brown Google

Great job The seats were so bad but now look like new. Easy to book great value and Mark is really friendly and professional Thank you.

Bob Ranger 


Mark's work is stunning!
My A8 was brought back to better than new and then given a ceramic coating. Mark's attention to detail is unsurpassed. Highly recommended.



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